Music Heard So Deeply: A Music Therapy Memoir

Music Heard So Deeply: A Music Therapy Memoir
by Betsey King, PhD, MT-BC

Case stories from 30 years of music therapy practice in medical centers, public schools, elder care, and more.

This memoir recounts clinical stories from Betsey King's 30 years of music therapy practice. Each chapter describes one or more music therapy sessions in a particular setting. This is not a textbook; it is written for anyone who wants to learn more about music therapy by finding out what actually happens in music therapy interactions. Though it references cutting-edge research and musical skills like improvisation, the book's language is straightforward and no specialized musical knowledge is necessary to understand the therapeutic interventions. The book also includes four interludes which chronicle personal stories and perspectives of the author related to her music therapy experiences.

You can read an excerpt from the book and order a copy here, at You can order the paperback or Kindle (ebook) edition at Amazon, a Nook edition at Barnes & Noble, and an iBook at iTunes



One session with a gentleman in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease.

The Emergency Department
One afternoon, three pediatric patients, two sessions.

Interlude: What is Music Therapy?

The Rehab Hospital
Three case stories of patients who have survived traumatic brain injuries. A man who cannot process speech but who can still process music. A girl who reconnects with herself through a song. A country music lover whose most positive response is to Prince and "Let's Go Crazy."

Interlude: How Did I Get Here?
Musical background, the motivation for a career change

A Day in Special Education, Parts I and II
Two chapters detailing a typical day for a school district music therapist, moving from school to school, individual to group, assessment to dismissal.

Lifelong Learning (Becoming a workshop leader, starting a publishing business, going back to school at mid-life)

Group Work
Descriptions of four groups: inmates at a county jail, patients and families at a creative arts session in a rehab hospital, a group of boys on the autism spectrum, and a session with elders with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Keeping the Beat
A home-care PT session with music therapy consultation is the framework for describing various music therapy interventions that use music -- especially rhythm -- to facilitate movement.

Perception (Responses to the most common misconceptions about music therapy)

The Music of Speech and Language
Descriptions of three stroke survivors co-treated by music and speech-language therapy at Nazareth College's on-campus clinics.

Living and Dying
One group and two individuals -- women with metastatic breast cancer -- and how music played a part in healing and transition.

A peek at a national conference.

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