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The 28 songs in our two visual aid kits are different from the songs in our songbooks, and each one has an accompanying black-and-white pattern for a visual aid. Most are designed to be "file folder" visual aids; some are patterns for tagboard books. All the songs were created for our clients over the past 20 years and have sample short-term objectives that will help you select which songs you want to use for specific purposes.

The songs are written in singable keys (comfortable for "non-singers" because they are nearer the range of a speaking voice); and the lyrics in each song are set, melodically and rhythmically, so that the words are pronounced as they would be in speech. Because we want these visual aid strategies to be a starting place for your creativity and your clients'/students' progress, we advise you to use the patterns as "masters" and never use them for the visual aids. Instead, copy the patterns and then color them as you like. Depending on your clients/students, you can make the visual aids small enough to hold in their hands, or large enough for a poster.

These days, you can download lots of apps and pictures -- or get lots of clip-art online and print it. The advantage to these "old school" visual aid kits is that everything you need is already assembled; and folks have told us that the coloring is fun, and a neat way to get other members of the family involved in their work. The choice is yours!


Start or supplement your own set of visual aids with this kit, containing 14 original and adapted songs and accompanying patterns (for children in the developmental age range 0-5). Using simple materials like velcro, file folders, and colored pencils or markers, you can provide your clients and students with colorful, easy to manipulate visual aids that reinforce such skills as counting, shapes, colors animals, transportation, and activities of daily living. Each pattern includes folder design and visual aids, cover art, music, and therapist cues. Full instructions for creating interactive strategies are listed with each song.
Comes as PDF files on a CD-ROM. Music is melody line and chords only (see the picture on this page.)



Just like our first volume (see above), but with songs and patterns focusing on slightly more advanced tasks such as reading, addition/subtraction, sequencing, opposites, emotions, and more complex activities of daily living (elementary and middle school; developmental age range 3-10). Music, cover art and full instructions for making these folder strategies and included in this set.
Comes as PDF files on a CD-ROM. Music is melody line and chords only (see the picture on this page.)


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