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A music therapist will have current credentials, indicated by the letters MT-BC. "BC" stands for "board certified": a designation which indicates that the therapist has:
A music therapist will adhere to our Scope of Practice, as outlined by AMTA and CBMT, and to the Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct from those associations. Copies of these documents are available by calling the association phone numbers listed below.

Among the standards of practice that a music therapist should demonstrate are the following:
The music therapist will be able to discuss a treatment plan with professionals and family members, relating it both to current music therapy practice and the client's specific needs.

The music therapist will keep regular hours, give prompt notification of changes in the schedule or absences, and arrange to make up missed sessions if appropriate.

The music therapist will work only within his or her area of expertise (music therapy) and will co-treat with another professional when treatment involves therapeutic areas under another professional's domain.

Music therapists will maintain appropriate therapeutic boundaries with their clients and honor the administrative structure of the school, hospital, institution or facility at which they work. The music therapist will maintain strict confidentiality.

The music therapist will give adequate notice when relocating or when circumstances require that services be transferred to another therapist. The music therapist will make every effort to assist in locating other music therapists, and will participate in the hiring process when appropriate.

The music therapist will bill only for services that he or she has directly provided or supervised by agreement with the client or facility.

The music therapist will maintain a membership with his or her national association (in the United States, this would be the American Music Therapy Association) so as to receive current research and clinical journals, legislative news, and other important information.

The music therapist will demonstrate energy and enthusiasm for clients/students through:
For more information, contact:

American Music Therapy Association (301) 589-3300
Certification Board for Music Therapists (800) 765-CBMT
Prelude Music Therapy (817) 481-2323

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